xTrends Live is a premium trading service employing the proprietary tools along with the techniques and methods developed to identify highly favorable risk/reward trade setups. We provide full market research and live trade setups and signals on daily basis. We focus on intraday to short term trade opportunities as well as intermediate term trade setups.

To become a member:

  1. You need a twitter account to receive live trade alerts
  2. Not affiliated with or employed by a stock exchange or a member firm of an exchange or FINRA or municipal securities broker-dealer or a trading service or advisory service provider.
  3. $342 monthly membership fee 

When you become an xTrends Live member, not only will you receive trade setups for e-minis, futures, stocks, ETFs and commodities, you will have full access to all of our proprietary indicators, and we will continually help you to improve your trading by feeding you with ongoing education and research.

When you become a member, you will:

  • Get our trade signals for day-trading, short-term trading and intermediate-term trading that offer the best risk/reward entries and exits.
  • Receive our tradable chart setups and market analysis every morning.
  • Be taught through in-depth research articles. Learn the rules for new statistically-backed trading strategies each week.
  • Learn new methodologies like xTrends for stocks, futures, commodities, e-minis, ETFs, that are not taught elsewhere.
  • Find out which popular indicators to avoid – and use ones that have historically worked. Backed by nearly two decade’s work.
  • Learn how the market really works. Apply proprietary quantitative research that can be applied by any trader.

Every trading day, from 9:00 to 4:30, we will be online providing tradable setups and analysis for stocks, futures and commodities for various time frames from intraday to multi-day.

Main instruments we trade are:

  • Index Futures: SP500, Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones, Russell 2K and other e-mini and index futures
  • All index and sector tracking ETFs and leveraged ETFs
  • Stocks except penny stocks and OTCBB listed stocks
  • Commodity futures and ETFs
  • Stock, ETF and Index options

There is no minimum capital requirement to join xTrends Live but we recommend minimum $20K initial capital to be able to trade at least two (2) SP500 e-mini contracts, so you can efficiently benefit from our frequently issued index calls.

If you like to join us, please click on the following button to proceed with your registration.

After your payment, we will send your user ID and password together with an invitation to our private twitter account in 12 hours.

We do not accept new members if the total number of the members exceeds 100 because we try to meet individual needs. Memberships are subject to further approval. We hold the right to deny any application that doesn’t fit in our criteria.

Become a member now and you will see opportunities in price action that you did not know existed.

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